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Why are my High Speed Doors stuck?

Why are my High Speed Doors stuck?

Are you having problems with your high speed industrial doors? As one of the most important parts of your industrial or commercial property, if your high speed doors have become stuck it can be damaging to the productivity and safety of your business.

There are several factors which can cause high speed doors to stick. Take a look at some troubleshooting below;

  • Impact Damage
  • Wear and Tear
  • Obstructed Sensor
  • Track Issues

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Impact Damage

Due to the endless flow of people and vehicles going in and out of your facility, there is a high chance your doors will encounter impact damage. This includes dents to the door frame and curtain edge which can affect the rolling mechanism of the door, sometimes causing it to stick in one position.

Wear and Tear

After consistent, everyday use, your doors can begin to act up. This is usually because dirt or dust builds up inside the tracks. The components inside the doors, such as the springs, can also rust and become stiff. Doors are just like any other piece of machinery, which means they can fail simply because they are worn out.

Obstructed Sensor

Most high speed doors have a photo electronic sensor at the foot of the track which keeps pedestrians safe;it stops the doors from closing on someone and crushing them, so if there is anything obstructing the sensor’s view it can become confused.

This causes the door to stay stuck in the same position because it thinks there is someone coming through – most of the time it turns out to be a spiderweb on the screen of the sensor, or someone’s jacket hanging in the way.

Track Issues

Another reason your high speed doors could stick is because the door guides have been damaged. If the door tracks are bent or warped, the door will move unevenly or stop altogether. The door may have also run off its tracks; a good way to check is to see if the door curtain is hanging evenly.

The Solution

When your high speed industrial doors become stuck or broken, it is important to have them repaired quickly and effectively. The longer they remain inactive, the more your business’s safety and functionality are put at stake. When they are broken, it causes rapid heat and energy loss and jeopardises the work environment. Materials need to come in through the doors and merchandise needs to reach the customers, so any drop in productivity costs you money.

A solution to make sure you aren’t faced with these issues is to have regular maintenance work done to your high speed doors. Like other machinery, such as cars, they need servicing to increase their lifespan and prevent you from having to pay for expensive emergency callouts.

If you are already experiencing a problem, then don’t attempt to fix it yourself. The benefits of a professional repair job make any costs worthwhile –  an expert’s approach to the job ensures the safety of staff, and the long-term effective operation of your high speed door.

Here at Royal Industrial Doors, we have engineers and technicians available to help across a full range of industrial shutters and industrial doors. You can call on us if you have any issues. Our free site surveys and quotes give you piece of mind and ensure that you get the right product for your business.

High Speed Doors for a Warehouse

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