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Which Shutters Are Right for My Business?

Which Shutters Are Right for My Business?

Protect your business from intrusion, damage and fire with security shutters. An essential part of any business, your security shutters could save you thousands of pounds in lost merchandise and repair costs — and could even save lives.

Find out which security shutters are most suitable for your business in this article.

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External vs internal

Security shutters can be installed on the inside or the outside of your premises. There are advantages to both options:


External shutters covering your entire storefront will impede the view of your merchandise. Thieves who are seeking a particular item won’t be able to confirm whether you have that item in your store, and are therefore less likely to attempt breaking and entering.

  • External shutters protect the storefront as well as the inside of the store. The doors, windows and front facing walls are protected from vandalism and damage.


Though your windows and doors may be on show, the internal shutter is protected from the weather, meaning it will provide better protection for longer.

  • Intruders will be unable to attempt a breaking by forcing up the shutters, as they won’t be in reach.
  • Internal shutters require less maintenance than external shutters and are free from the threat of graffiti/vandalism.

For more details, see our range of security shutters.

Steel roller shutters

Steel roller shutters are the classic type of roller shutter, typically installed externally on the building.

  • Roller shutters offer protection against damage, vandalism and intrusion.
  • Roller shutters are highly durable and will offer superb protection from impact strikes.
  • Steel roller shutters are not rust proof, so are often a good choice for retail establishments located inside a shopping centre.

Looking for some new shutters of your own? See our roller shutters product page.

Aluminium roller shutters

Aluminium shutters work the same as steel shutters but offer a slender and more attractive aluminium frame.

Industrial Security Shutter Installations

  • Premium look may be preferred if you are a high-end business and want to maintain an aesthetic exterior.
  • Aluminium is lightweight and requires less force to close.
  • Aluminium is rust-resistant, making it the preferred choice for establishments that are out in the open.

Want some for your business? We fit and install custom aluminium shutters.

Fire shutters

Fire shutters are internal shutters that compartmentalise your business to delay the spread of a fire.

Industrial Security Shutters for a Warehouse Entrance

  • Fire shutters delay the spread of a fire up to 4 hours.
  • Fire shutters can connect to an alarm system to shut automatically if a fire is detected.
  • Motor fire shutters won’t close completely to allow others to escape.
  • Fire shutters are crucial for large establishments with multiple rooms, including factories and warehouses.

Did you know that our fire shutters are galvanised to British Standards BS729:1971?

Window shutters

Window shutters are installed internally and provide protection primarily for your windows.

Inside view of Window Shutters

  • As they are internal, window shutters are protected from the weather, vandalism and damage.
  • Windows are often one of the most targeted entry points. Window shutters provide extra protection for your windows, further deterring intruders from attempting a break-in.

Our window shutters are perfect for shop fronts and large supermarkets.

Security shutters are indispensable for modern businesses, ensuring the building, staff and valuable assets are safe. At Royal Industrial Doors, we offer a range of shutters for commercial establishments in Luton, Stevenage and Milton Keynes.

Our expert engineers and technicians will visit your premises to identify the most suitable products for you. Whether you need commercial shutters, retail roller shutters, shop front roller shutters or more, we can help.

Whichever shutters you choose will be custom made to fit the precise dimensions of your store, and can even be customised in a range of colours. We also offer professional maintenance and repairs to ensure your business stays protected all year round.

Start protecting your business today. Contact our team for a free quote and site survey. 01582 570 707 or send us an email to if you want a quote for some new shutters.

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