Royal Industrial DoorsFire Shutters

Fire shutters are the ideal solution when considering how you can protect your building from the risk of fire.

With fire shutters from Royal Industrial Doors, you can contain the spread of fire and limit the damage to your building.

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Fire shutters will automatically roll down, isolating a fire and preventing it from spreading. This is especially important if your warehouse or building contains any flammable items.

Fire Roller Shutters

We manufacture and install all of our shutters using our highly skilled technicians and engineers and only the best materials because we know how important it is to protect your building and the people inside.

2 Hour Fire Shutters:

  • Galvanised to BS729:1971
  • Steel End Locks
  • Double Pop Rivets
  • Hexagon High Tensile Screws
  • Electric Resistance to BS6323
  • Maximum Size 3000x3000mm

4 Hour Fire Shutters:

  • Galvanised to BS729:1971
  • Hexagon High Tensile Screws
  • Electric Resistance to BS6323
  • 240v or 415v Inboard Motor
  • ‘Sealed for Life’ Bearings
  • Maximum Size 7000x7000mm

These shutters can be lowered when your system detects a fire. This is an important factor in preventing the spread of a fire, giving people within the building a passage to escape and also containing the fire inside the building.

Fire Shutter Repairs

It is an integral part of health and safety to ensure that your building’s fire safety installations are up to regulation standards; if you think your shutters need maintenance or repairs, then we also operate a 24 hour repair service.

Our services are available throughout StevenageLutonMilton Keynes and Bedfordshire.

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*please be aware that our top fire shutter will withstand a fire for up to 4 hours. Please contact us for further details.