Royal Industrial DoorsAutomatic Sliding Doors

With a set of automatic sliding doors, you’ll never have to worry about temperature control in your building again.

You’ll gain better thermal regulation control as your doors will only be open when they need to be.

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Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

With long lasting mechanisms, you can be rest assured that with regular maintenance, your sliding doors will last for as long as you need them.

What’s more, customers and visitors will be impressed with the attention you have put into the ease of access. Automatic sliding doors create a positive impression of your business.

Here at Royal Industrial Doors we manufacture and install sliding doors for a range of commercial clients.

Automatic Doors have several benefits:

  • Regulate Temperature
  • Professional Look
  • Quick Access
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Perfect for Shops / Supermarkets
  • Emergency Exits

Our expert team of technicians and engineers utilise over 25 years of experience to give you the best results, both in terms of security and aesthetics.

Automatic Sliding Door Repairs

We even carry out maintenance and emergency repairs in the unlikely event that your doors suffer damage.

From the free on-site survey and quotation through to the installation and maintenance, we are always on hand every step of the process.

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