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Top Tips for Keeping your Property Safe

Here at Royal Industrial Doors, we have put together this handy infographic for keeping your property safe.

8 Tips for Keeping your Property Safe

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#1 – Identify Risks

It’s important to know the risks facing your property; carry out a risk assessment to help you prepare specifically for the issues you may face.

#2 – Train Your Staff

Make sure your staff are trained in what to do in the event of a security problem; they need to know what their roles are and how to keep themselves safe.

#3 – Burglar Alarms

Crucial to any property, ensure you have burglar alarms fitted. The more modern ones can even send texts to your phone and alert authorities as soon as they’re triggered.

#4 – Invest in Security Doors

Strong, reliable security doors can foil an intruder on the spot. From barriers to shutters, there’s a whole host of options available to keep out unauthorised personnel.

#5 – Access Control Systems

Access control systems have progressed rapidly over the years. From simple keypad entry systems to biometric scanners and key fob access, installing an access control system in your property helps to ensure that only authorised people can get into the building or premises.

#6 – CCTV

No matter the size of your premises, CCTV is the best way to monitor the goings on. Invest in a standard CCTV system to be viewed from a control room, or look for some of the more modern solutions that allow for remote viewing from your smartphone, tablet or laptop for even greater security and swift response times.

#7 – Illuminate Your Property

Light is a very effective deterrent against intrusion. From motion-sensitive lights to lampposts, light gives intruders fewer places to hide – it can deter them completely as well as catching them in the act.

#8 – Be Vigilant

Be sure to check people for ID if you’re unsure who they are; ask visitors to sign in and make sure doors are locked before the property is vacated for the night. Security measures help, but you can make a huge difference.


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