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8 Reasons Your Shop Needs Roller Shutters

8 Reasons Your Shop Needs Roller Shutters and the Benefits They Provide:

8 Reasons Your Shop Needs Roller Shutters Infographic | Royal Industrial Doors

8 Reasons Your Shop Needs Roller Shutters

What is a roller shutter door?

A roller shutter door is a door composed of many horizontal slats. The slats are typically made from steel or aluminium and roll around a barrel to raise or lower the door.


1 – Protection from burglary

2 – Protection from vandalism

3 – Protection from damage

4 – Made from robust steel or aluminium, roller shutters will protect your shop after you’ve closed up for the day


5 – Roller shutters insulate your shop, keeping it warmer for longer. Not only does this create a more comfortable shopping experience for your customers, but it will also save you money off your energy bill. Tough against the elements, fire shutters are rustproof and weatherproof.

Long lasting

6 – Can be used on outdoor shops

7 – Will stay in good working order all year round

Fire resistant

8 – Fire shutters can protect from fire for up to 4 hours

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