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Is It Easy to Break Into Roller Shutters?

Is It Easy to Break Into Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters protect homes and businesses by deterring potential intruders. The mere sight of them indicates that it would be difficult, if not futile, for an intruder to attempt to break into the premises.

But can home and business owners be sure that their roller shutters are resilient enough should an intruder plough ahead?

Don’t worry — roller shutters are composed of robust materials and a range of security features to ensure that breaking through is an extremely difficult task. In this article, the Royal Industrial Doors team has put together a guide explaining just how difficult it is.

Feel safe in the knowledge that your home or business is protected with a roller shutter door.

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What are the security features of a roller shutter door?

Roller shutter doors have been successfully protecting homes and businesses for decades. Although there are many types and designs of roller shutter doors, almost all of them have retained the same core security features:

– A robust steel or aluminium frame

– No visible locks or handles

Electric roller shutters add security by only allowing the shutter to be raised if the internal motor is operational. The shutter cannot be forced open otherwise.

At Royal Industrial Doors, we supply roller shutters with various additional security features for total peace of mind. These include:

  • End locks
  • Wind locks
  • Bottom sealed rails
  • Remote controls

But just how easy is it to break into roller shutters?

A recently serviced roller shutter with all of the above features will be virtually impossible to break into without the intruder drawing attention to themselves.

However, if your property is located in a quiet area, it may still be at risk. Two conspicuous but often successful types of forced entry are by ramming roller shutters with a vehicle or levering them with significant force. Both of these attacks may be successful if you are only relying on a chain or padlock.

That’s why it’s important to fit your shutters to a frame and secure them with a bullet lock. These are far greater defence mechanisms than a standard padlock and will ensure that your property is protected even when attacked at high force.

Professionals will be able to identify and address any vulnerabilities.

If you have a particularly old roller shutter, you may want to upgrade it to a new one. Not only will a new, modern roller shutter have none of the wear and tear of your current roller shutter, but it may also have more security features.

Remember – keeping your roller shutters clean can help avoid any damage or problems. See our guide on how to clean your roller shutters for more details.

How can I make my premises more secure?

There are more ways to increase the security of your premises. For example, roller shutters can be paired with alarms that will activate when your roller shutters get tampered with. You may also want to install security cameras to catch any potential intruders in the act.

Most of all, you should opt for regular servicing and maintenance from professionals.

At Royal Industrial Doors, we provide a range of maintenance services for customers in Luton, Milton Keynes and Stevenage. With over 25 years of experience, our experts can successfully identify and address any issues to ensure that your home or business remains protected.

We even offer a 24/7 emergency call-out service for your peace of mind.

Take advantage of our repair and maintenance service today to keep your home or business fully protected. For a complete upgrade, take a look at our range and book your free site survey. For any further information, contact our team.

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