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How Fast is a High Speed Door?

How Fast is a High Speed Door?

High-speed doors or otherwise known as HSDs, generally have a shutter speed of about three seconds to fully open – this can depend on manufacturers but typically, this is the average speed in which they automatically operate at.

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But what else do you know about these clever entrances that we take for granted? In this article, Royal Industrial Doors are here to explain how a high-speed door operates and why it is indeed, so speedy.

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Why is a high-speed door so fast?

Whilst the primary reason for a high-speed door being so fast is to ensure safe passage, there are many other reasons which can be found below.

Designed to save energy and improve working conditions where simple and fast access is needed, high-speed doors provide an effective hand-free entrance for those coming and going.

Beneficial for dampening noisy areas where there may be loud machinery in use, for example, high-speed doors will close nearly as quickly as they opened, keeping external noise to a minimum.

High-speed doors are also so fast because they’re there to save energy. Manual doors are so often left or propped open which means if the air conditioning or heating is on, valuable energy is lost.

Whereas, a high-speed door will automatically close and will be closed for much longer periods of time.

In areas where health is at risk, the less you touch the better, which is why high-speed doors are ideal for health care establishments. To save multiple people touching the same handle on a door, a high-speed door can sense motion close by and will open, to prevent cross-contamination.

Also, if you’re reading this at the time of publication, you’re currently experiencing life during the COVID pandemic, where wearing gloves and using hand sanitiser is a must. So with this in mind, it’s easy to see how more high-speed doors in public areas would be beneficial.

There are several benefits to high-speed doors, take a look at our 5 Benefits of High Speed Doors article.

Where are high-speed shutters or doors used?

  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Health care establishments
  • Train stations
  • Office buildings
  • Emergency stations

How does a high-speed door work?

Most high-speed doors use a combination of advanced electrical equipment, including; brake assembly motors, brake discs, electronic detectors, spring and interlock systems. They all work in harmony to:

  • Detect a person walking towards the door
  • Send signals to the motor to open the door
  • Send signals to shut again once the object is no longer detected

On occasion, a high-speed door can become stuck. Check out our article, Why are my High Speed Doors stuck?, for common problems.

If your shutter doors or industrial doors are not operating as fast as usual or require maintenance, get in contact with Royal Industrial Doors today.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry and will be able to get your HSD back up and running in no time at all. If you’re located in Luton, Milton Keynes, Stevenage or the surrounding areas, contact us for more information – we’d be more than happy to help.

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